How long do these lashes last?
Most customers say 5 days on average (yes you can sleep in them) but some have reported up to 8 or 9 days!

Do Blinkifly lashes ruin my natural lashes?

Blinkifly lashes are gentle on your natural lashes and do not pull them out. Your natural lash health is our number one priority. If applied and removed properly, your natural lashes should be healthier than ever!

How do they compare to strip lashes?
Our lashes are meant to be worn for multiple days at a time more like lash extensions than strip lashes! They are strip lashes cut into sections that can be worn under or over the lashes. You attach them to the underside of your natural lashes or on top. Not to the lash line! You cannot feel them at all! They are extremely light weight and customizable for everyone’s unique eye.

What are the lashes made of?
They are made of Korean PBT faux and are vegan/cruelty free. 

Can I shower and wash my face with these lashes?
Absolutely! We encourage it :) but you just have to be careful not to get the lashes soaking wet. We recommend washing the bottom half of your face and then the top trying not to splash your lashes. If they get wet or sweaty just dab them with a towel and they should be good!

How do I take the lashes off?
The removal process is super easy! All you need is hot water and a oil based remover. We highly suggest coconut oil or micellar water. The easiest way to remove is in the shower with a wash cloth and your oil based remover. Soak the wash cloth and lay on each eye with gentle pressure for 45 seconds. They will start to loosen and then slowly they will come off. The most important thing is the health of your natural lashes so please be careful and gentle! Do not pull the lashes if you feel your natural lashes are pulling as well. These lashes keep your natural lashes healthy and strong so you don’t want to remove them incorrectly. You can also use coconut oil to remove if you want to remove them even quicker.

What if a section falls off?
The best part about our lashes is that you can get your adhesive and put that little baby right back on! This will only take a minute or so and you are good to go!